Choosing the best inversion table


Back pain is one of the most common ailments and a major reason why many people get restricted from doing some manual jobs. Chronic back pains affect your workability and also cause discomfort in your entire life. There are many types of inversion tables that are in the market that will not only help in overcoming back pain but also assist in improving your posture. Are you finding it difficult to make a choice while purchasing an inversion table from the different types that are in the market today? There are many ways on how to choose the best inversion table and how to differentiate between different products in the market.

Choose the type you need:

First you need to know and decide in which type of inversion table you need. There are two basic types of inversion tables; manual and motorized. The manual models always requires man power to shift the table to different angles while the motorized tables are usually more automatic that means it is easier to shift the positions into different angles. The motorized models are always more expensive as opposed to manual.

The backboard:

The backboard of the inversion table is for supporting you while you are being inverted and while getting into position. You will find that mostly the best models have mesh type or soft padded backboards. Any of these two can provide you with support but you will need to make a choice of which you are more comfortable with.


Consider purchasing an inversion table that you will be comfortable to use otherwise you may end up using it very rarely. It would be a good idea to first ask for assistance to try any choice that is in your mind before purchasing so as to feel how comfortable it is. Remember that models with high prices do not necessarily mean that they will give you the comfort you need. 


The quality of the table is a major point to check when purchasing an inversion table, you need to purchase something durable and with good material, your hands should feel good over the frame and the ankle cushions. Check also on the stability of the machine; go for one that is stable while being used. One with non-skid floor stabilizers and are made of rubber will always give the best kind of grip on many types of floors. You will have to ask for permission to try the table to check for these qualities.

Safety of the table:

A good inversion table should provide users with secure support for ankles and the feet without fitting tightly or pinching. It should always be a major priority to make sure that you feel secure while inverting to avoid any injuries. 

Weight capacity:

The inversion table should have a weight capacity that is enough to hold the weight of your body. The ankle clamps should feel solid and should also be sturdy that you will have the confidence of being comfortable and secure when inverted.

Warranty of the inversion table:

A good model will always offer a minimum of 1 year warranty; other brands will even offer more than three years warrantees. Purchase a model with such warranty you actually assured of durability of the table.

Check for reviews:

It is always advisable to check several inversion table reviews and the ratings other customers have given several table models. This will assist you in making a good choice.

With these factors in your mind you can be able to make a good choice of inversion table that will suit you and your budget too.